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Red Rice Salad with Jeruk Limau & Andaliman Pepper

Red Rice Salad with Jeruk Limau & Andaliman Pepper Vinaigrette

This red rice salad is seriously delicious and quick to whip up. Red rice gives this salad a nutty flavour and a toothsome yet tender texture. Cooking the tofu with coconut oil in a hot skillet is brilliant, as it gives a hint of tropical flavour and irresistibly crunchy texture to the tofu. While light and citrusy dressing, perfumed with jeruk limau (Citrus amblycarpa) & andaliman pepper.  Continue Reading

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Charred Corn Salad

Charred Corn Salad

It’s hard to believe that it took less than half an hour to make this delicious charred corn salad. This corn salad looks so simple, but it tastes like elote (Mexican grilled corn) in a bowl and prepares your mind to be blown when you try it. This salad becomes more flavourful over time, so you can prepare it a few hours before serving.  Continue Reading