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Easy Rice Noodles Salad Jar

Rice Noodles Salad Jar

Easy, simple and fresh rice Noodles salad in a jar. I lightly coloured the rice noodles with butterfly pea flowers then add it into a jar along with thinly sliced omelette, saute shimeji mushrooms, cucumbers, carrots, red radish, and cilantro. Put the sweet and tangy salad dressing in a separated small container, just mix the salad and the dressing when you are ready to eat. Continue Reading

Foods Recipe Rice & Grains Vegetables

Red Rice Salad with Jeruk Limau & Andaliman Pepper

Red Rice Salad with Jeruk Limau & Andaliman Pepper Vinaigrette

This red rice salad is seriously delicious and quick to whip up. Red rice gives this salad a nutty flavour and a toothsome yet tender texture. Cooking the tofu with coconut oil inΒ a hot skillet is brilliant, as it gives a hint of tropical flavour and irresistibly crunchy texture to the tofu. While light and citrusy dressing, perfumed with jeruk limau (Citrus amblycarpa) & andaliman pepper.Β  Continue Reading