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Afternoon Tea at The Dharmawangsa

Afternoon tea at The Dharmawangsa

The sound of the birds chirping outside my window. For just one blissful moment I enjoy the warmth of sunlight kissing my face gently. My phone buzzes when I crack my eyes open, I briefly check my phone. It’s a reminder that I will meet my girlfriends for afternoon tea at The Dharmawangsa. These days my life preoccupied with work…and only work. Living in a modern era, in a society that holds productivity as unequivocally good, to do less feels like a moral failing. 

Afternoon Tea at The Dharmawangsa

It’s 3.15 pm when we arrived at The Dharmawangsa Hotel. Located in an upscale residential area in Kebayoran Baru from the outside The Dharmawangsa looks like a big luxurious house. The hotel staff greeted us warmly as we enter the building. 

As soon as we stepped into the hotel, the fragrant smells of jasmine fill the air. Walked through the hallway – which leads to the heart of hotel- I feel excited to see the wall adorned with beautiful artwork.

Majapahit hall as the heart of the hotel featuring a magnificent 14th-century Javanese temple as their centrepiece. The name of Majapahit itself has a very intimate connection with the Indonesian culture and history. It was a great empire based in East Java from 13th to 15th century.

In the hall, you can see the musician playing Indonesian traditional instruments. The hall’s doorway leads to the 4 majestic lounges; Tea Lounges, The Library, Caviar Lounge and The Bar.

Afternoon Tea at The Dharmawangsa

Afternoon tea is served in the tea lounge. Warm afternoon sunlight and scenic views of hotel’s courtyard are ideal for afternoon tea and more akin to a glamorous private residence.

As we seated we were handed the menu by our waiter, who expertly explaining about our options. The menu features an extensive selection of drink including coffee, local tea and traditional drink like bir pletok. Tea selection including the usual suspect like English Breakfast and Earl Grey, and selection of rare and unusual teas from Jing Tea company.

The English High Tea Set

 features a freshly baked raisin scone served with clotted cream and jam, mini sandwiches and delicious selection of dessert.

 International High Tea Set

(IDR 315++) and blackcurrant and hibiscus tea for the drink. Classic afternoon tea treats served in a striking two-tiered stand and long tray which includes jajan pasar (Indonesian delicacies) and a freshly baked scone.

Afternoon tea concludes with a selection of pastries, which include shortbread cookies, a strawberry and vanilla pannacotta, and pralines. The traditional finger sandwiches replaced with slider filled with smoked salmon, an open sandwich of roasted bell pepper and aubergine, and sliders full of mildly spicy tender beef.

Overall, The Dharmawangsa and in particular, Majapahit Lounge is the perfect place to enjoy afternoon tea. And the selection of Indonesian delicacies adds a nice touch of tradition to the afternoon tea ritual which is usually associating with western culture.

Afternoon Tea at The Dharmawangsa


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