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Bengawan Solo Restaurant at Sahid Jaya Hotel

Bengawan Solo Restaurant

Bengawan Solo Restaurant which is located at the Grand Sahid Jaya Hotel in Central Jakarta is served  Indonesian food with authentic flavours. This restaurant first opened in the early 1990s, then it renovated and reopened in October 2014. Walking into this restaurant you can see that Punakawan is a central character of this restaurant.Before you enter the restaurant you can see the four punakawan puppets standing upright near the entrance. Inside the restaurant, you can also see many punakawan elements like in the plate and some paintings.

Bengawan Solo Restaurant

Even though the food is traditional but once you entering the restaurant you can see that the interior of this restaurant is modern and minimalist with a touch of Indonesian. The dining room dominated by white and clean surface and the dim light.

Located in a heritage hotel like Grand Sahid Jaya, Bengawan Solo success to keep the authenticity of the taste, and still pay attention to the food hygiene standard five-star hotel and the food presentation is neat and attractive.

Bengawan Solo Restaurant

As we seated we presented with cassava chips as a welcome snack. This cassava chips are homemade and made daily. The crunchy chips covered with sweet-spicy spices, sesame seeds, and julienned kaffir lime leaves. We busy munching this snack while waiting our food to come.

Bengawan Solo Restaurant

I check the menu and not sure what should I order but then I remembered something, I get my smart phone and check the OpenSnap applications. If you wondering what is OpenSnap, keep reading my post and you’ll find out that this app is very fun and easy to use. OpenSnap is a new social dining guide apps from OpenRice, we could easily find any recommended foods or restaurants through the photos that uploaded by other users.

Bengawan Solo Restaurant

Bengawan Solo Restaurant Menu

We started our meal with Sosis Solo (IDR 40K)  as an appetiser. This traditional snack from Solo, Central Java is different with the other sausages. It is made from thin egg crepes filled with seasoned minced beef, it rolled before then deep fried until golden brown.

What makes this Sosis Solo different with traditional one is this sosis Solo is dipped into beaten egg whites before it fried. A layered of egg white on the outside make this snack crunchy on the outside but not dried. This sosis Solo also came with a small bowl of fresh lettuce and chilli spray oil.

We moved to meaty dish for our main course. Iga Sapi Bakar (Slowly braised beef ribs seasoned with Indonesia spices and finished on open char-grill). The portion of this beef ribs is big and enough to share for 2-3 people per portion. It tender and juicy.

Another delicious dishes that you must try at Bengawan Solo Restaurant is Ayam Taliwang. This is the traditional chicken dish from Lombok, the grilled chicken was so tender and covered in flavourful chilli sauce.

For the dessert, we choose Bengawan Solo Exotic Ice Cream single scoops (IDR 45K) . We go for mango flavour, this ice cream comes with a dramatic effect. The ice cream soft, not too sweet and it tastes fresh, I guess it made from real mango and no artificial sweetener added. It such a good choice to end up our meal with this mango ice cream, because it light and refreshing.


I can’t wait to share my experience eating at Bengawan Solo restaurant with my foodie friends. I will upload my photo to OpenSnap and give it 4 stars. Oh ya, another feature that I love from this apps is Map View with this feature I could easily find a restaurants or food that near from my place. Like now, after lunch I want to meet with my old friends from high school but I don’t know where is good coffee shop around Sudirman, I just need to check the apps and it will show me a list of coffee shop around Sudirman.

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