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Caribou Coffee : A Place We Love

Caribou Coffee

Jakarta is a busy and crowded metropolitan city. Many people started its activities early in the morning, it is no wonder more and more coffee shops popping up in town, either a local coffee shop or international coffee shop chain. Caribou Coffee is one of the coffeehouse chains from America who was currently exploring the coffee market in Indonesia.

Caribou Coffee was founded in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in 1992. In Indonesia Caribou partnered with Mahadya Group which operates other US-based food and beverages chains like Carl’s Jr, Wingstop and LOKA lifestyle supermarket. Their first store in Indonesia located in Senopati area in South Jakarta, then the 2nd outlet in Bandung, and recently they just opened their third store in Citos.

Caribou Coffee Citos

Nestled in Cilandak Town Square (Citos) ground floor among the endless row of coffee shops and restaurants. From the outside of this coffee shop looks normal just like any other coffee shop, but once I stepped inside I can feel the warm and homey ambience.

This cosy coffee shop really makes me feels like at home. On the right front corner of the room, there is a fireplace flanked by two comfy red chairs. Across the fireplace behind the food counter and cashier, the friendly barista will greet you with a friendly gesture.

Caribou Coffee New Menu

In May 2016, I attended their new outlet opening in Citos. Besides the store opening on the same day, they also launched several new menus for the Indonesian market. The have three new drinks: Salted Vanilla Latte, Salted Vanilla Cooler and Vanilla Creme Cappuccino. Yes, all of their new refreshing beverages use vanilla syrup.  The goodness of this drink because they use the real vanilla beans and not the artificial flavouring to make their vanilla syrup.


To complement the presence of the new beverages, Caribou Coffee also introduce some of their favourite sandwich and other food such as Spicy Beef BBQBeef Bac & Egg BagelBanana Carrot CakePeach YoghurtStrawberry Yoghurt and Mille Feuille.

If you don’t like latte and other coffee flavoured drink no need to worry, Caribou Coffee has a slow bar where you can choose the coffee beans and the brew method according to our preferences. Caribou Coffee has several coffee blends like Mocha Java, Daybreak Blend, Obsidian and Sumatra.

Caribou coffee has a cosy and comfy place with separated smoking and non-smoking area. Another plus point is they have slow bar section for a real coffee drinker. I will definitely go back when I’m in Cilandak area.

Caribou Coffee
Cilandak Town Square (Citos)
Ground Floor Level
South Jakarta
Instagram & Twitter: @cariboucoffeeid

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