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Breakfast at Cayenne, South Kemang

Breakfast at Cayenne

For introvert people like me “me time” is important. For once in a while, I like to spend time alone to recharge my energy. Most of the time I like to spend time alone at home, but sometimes go out alone also works. This time I want to explore Kemang area, go for window shopping and have a decent breakfast.
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Redefining Family Recipes at Bistik Delaris

Bistik Delaris

The occupation of foreign nations in Indonesia for years has greatly affected our culture. Food is one of the cultural aspects that get many influences from other culture. Bistik or Bistik Jawa is a local Javanese adoption of western beefsteak, it usually consists of sliced braised beef served with a thin watery sauce, vegetables and potato. Continue Reading


Blue Jasmine’s Ramadan Special Menu

Blue Jasmine's Ramadan Special Menu

Ramadan is almost here and the evening breakfast is the most precious time of the day during this holy month. This is the perfect time to shares a meal with family, friends and also the loved ones. This also the month when the restaurants are busiest. Every restaurant in Jakarta has created the special menu and promotion for Ramadan.  Continue Reading


Fat Shogun Jakarta- March Special Menu & Saturday Dine Package

Fat Shogun March Special Menu

How many Nikkei-style fares you can find in Jakarta? One, two or maybe more than that. If you are a real fan of Japanese-Peruvian cuisine or just curious about this newest trend you must pay a visit to Fat Shogun. Located in Rooftop level Menara BPTN next to Attico, Fat Shogun has managed both indoor and outdoor seating. Going with the chic modern decor, Fat Shogun successfully combines minimalist decor with a perfect balance of Japanese influenced.  Continue Reading


Nitro Coffee with Music at Bear & Co

Nitro Coffee Jakarta

What comes after cold brew coffee? Apparently nitro coffee is the latest trend in the coffee industry. For those of you who are unfamiliar might be wondering what is nitro coffee? Nitro or nitro coffee is basically a cold brew coffee that treated with nitrogen gas to create a smoother drink with a foamy texture, like beer.  Continue Reading


Cocobeet Senayan City, Plant Based Eatery in Jakarta

Cocobeet Senayan City

Looking for healthy lunch or post-workout meal? Pop by at Cocobeet Senayan City to grab some plant-based & wholesome foods. Comes all the way from Boston, United States, Cocobeet offers a wide array of cold-pressed organic juices, homemade nut mylk, and juice cleanses.

Located in Senayan City 5th floor, just a short walk from Delicae and next to Haagen Dazs. At first, I wondered why they choose this spot as their location.  But then I found out there is a fitness centre on the upper floor, right across the Cocobeet. Of course, that makes a sense why they choose this location.  Continue Reading