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5 Alternatif Tempat Belanja Bahan Makanan Online

Belanja Bahan Makanan Online

Belanja online sudah menjadi gaya hidup masyarakat Indonesia terutama di kota-kota besar seperti Jakarta. Ada banyak alasan mengapa masyarakat lebih memilih untuk berbelanja online. Mungkin beberapa orang lebih memilih belanja online karena dapat menghemat waktu. Sebagian lagi tergiur dengan beragam diskon yang ditawarkan oleh e-commerce. Apapun alasannya, ada banyak website atau aplikasi yang menawarkan jasa layanan antar belanja sayur dan kebutuhan harian lainnya.

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Bittersweet Seduction

Although Indonesia is the 3rd largest cacao producer in the world. But why globally Indonesian cacao is still perceived as a low-quality cacao? After the cacao pod harvested from the tree, the fermentation and drying process have an important role to produce fine, high-grade beans. Majority Indonesia’s cacao export as raw beans instead of processed cacao, it means Indonesia lost some revenue values.  Continue Reading

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Coffesso Coffee Bag: An Easy Way to Get Your Coffee Fix

Coffesso Coffee Bag

Last week I visited SIAL Interfood 2016 at Jakarta International Expo, Kemayoran. More than 800 exhibitors from 34 countries and regions showing their product in the area of 300.000 square kilometres. At the end of the day, my stomach is full and my feet are sore, but I’m excited because there are too many delicious foods and drinks to try. From coffee to wine, spices and baking ingredients, there’s a little something for everyone to enjoy. Continue Reading