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Roasted Pumpkin Manti with Hazelnut Butter

Roasted Pumpkin Manti

Manti or mantu is a type of dumpling popular in Turkey, Uzbekistan, Russian and other Central Asian Countries. This dumpling usually consists of beef or lamb mixture and wrapped with homemade egg dough. Turkish manti relative small compared to the Central Asian varieties. The tiny dumplings then boiled and served with yogurt, melted butter, and Aleppo pepper.

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Peanut Sauce French Fries with Soft-Boiled Egg

Peanut Sauce French Fries with Soft-Boiled Egg

The combination of potato and peanut sauce is no stranger for me. Even so the Dutch war fries (patatje oorlog) still unfamiliar to me. The combination of fries, peanut sauce, mayonnaise and raw onion piqued my interest. But I have no plans for a trip to Netherland in the near future. Maybe I should make it at home, or make my own version of it. Continue Reading