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Crispy Oyster Mushroom with Salted Egg Yolk Sauce

Crispy Oyster Mushroom with Salted Egg Yolk Sauce

The crispy oyster mushroom was my favourite snack when I was in college. That time crispy oyster mushroom is a cheap street food in Bandung, West Java. A bite-size crispy mushroom dredge with chilli powder sold in a paper bag. You can easily find it sell in a cart around Pasar Baru or another touristic area and enjoy it as a snack to go. Inspired by the street food mushroom, I made my crispy mushroom in a bigger shape and serve it with creamy salted egg yolk sauce. Continue Reading

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Bakmi Mewah with Salted Egg Yolk Fried Chicken

Noodles with Salted Egg Yolk Chicken


On the days that I were swamped with a deadline, groceries and struggle with my mood swing problem or just plain lazy and want to make quick easy dinner, I will reach out for a package instant noodles. Instant noodles are the easiest way to feed the hungry stomach, not only it fast to cook but it also tasty and filling. Lately, I often see the ads of Bakmi Mewah and made me very keen to try it.

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Balinese-Style Duck Salad

Balinese-Style Duck Salad

Almost everyone who knows me knows that the food is my passion. But most people are mistaken about my passion for food. Most of them thought that I think about food all the time. What they don’t understand is I used to cook to shut down my busy brain. Cooking -and baking was a meditation for me. There is no time to asks a question and thinking about life when I have to focus and follow the instructions and step-by-step process. Continue Reading