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Aromatic Fried Rice with Keluwek Paste

Black aromatic fried rice with sunny side up egg with cherry tomatoes

Rawon is a delicious and comforting Indonesian beef soup from Surabaya. Traditionally it’s made by infusing the beef broth with the fragrant spice blend and black keluwek nut. Keluwek nut is the key ingredient when making rawon, it gives the rawon unique black color and umami flavor. This time I want to use that black nuts to make fried rice.

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Tempe Mendoan (Fried Battered Tempeh)

Tempe Mendoan

Tempe mendoan is a fried battered tempeh that is made from the thin and wide shape of tempeh. Here in Indonesia, you can easily find raw thin tempeh for making tempe mendoan sell in the traditional market, they usually wrapped with banana leaves. The battered tempe then briefly cooked in hot oil until half-cooked. This technique makes the fried tempe still soft and still partially raw on the inside.

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