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Vegetable and Egg Chatamari

Vegetable and Egg Chatamari

There are so many types of crepes outside there. Sweet or savoury, crispy or chewy…the choices are endless. French crepe surely is the most popular crepe in the world, but how about Nepalese crepe? Nepalese have their own version too, it’s a savoury crepe made from rice flour. There are many variations of chatamari, keema (beef), egg, vegetable or plain chatamari. Keema chatamari looks delicious, but this time I want to make vegetable and egg chatamari Continue Reading

Fish & Seafood Foods Recipe Vegetables

Mediterranean Salmon and Cauliflower Rice Bowl

Salmon and Cauliflower Rice Bowl

This salmon and cauliflower rice bowl inspired by machboos. In Bahrain machboos commonly regarded as a national dish, but this dish can be also found served in other Persian Gulf countries such as Kuwait and Qatar. The dish is usually made with pulao (pilaf/rice) and either chicken, meat or even fish. But this time I replaced the white rice with cauliflower rice and served it with grilled salmon and tabbouleh salad.  Continue Reading

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Spicy Orange Pasta with Grilled Shrimp

Spicy Orange Pasta with Grilled Shrimp

I feel pretty lucky born as an Indonesian. As a maritime country, Indonesia endowed with a wonderful underwater world, countless sea creatures, and abundant edible seafood. But sadly the environmental damage caused by excessive exploitation of marine products, industrial waste, and not liable tourism business make the fresh and nutritious seafood isn’t affordable anymore for some of the Indonesian people. Continue Reading