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Enjoying the Weekend with Giant Crab at Dapur Seafood

Living in a country that comprising over 17.000 islands and known as the largest archipelago country in the world, you must be thinking that I enjoy delicious seafood every day. Unfortunately get fresh seafood in Jakarta is not as easy as you think. 

Luckily for the residents of Nort Jakarta, especially for those who living in and around Pantai Mutiara. Dapur seafood, a restaurant that specialises in seafood dishes just opened in Pantai Mutiara.

Dapur Seafood Restaurant Pluit

Dapur Seafood Restaurant Pluit

Dapur Seafood Menu

The food offered at Dapur Seafood mostly seafood, but the choices are quite varied and it suitable for all ages. Here you can find classic seafood dishes such as crab in black pepper sauce, grilled fish with saus dabu-dabu, steamed clams, until the modern style seafood dishes like pizza, pasta and burger.

Dapur Seafood Minang Fish Head Gulai

Dapur Seafood Spring Roll

Snack & Drink

If you like to start your meal with a light and crunchy food, you can choose  Tahu Kipas (IDR 42.900) this crunchy fried tofu stuffed with mixed vegetables and shrimp. And another appetiser which is everyone favourites is Spring Roll (IDR 60.900). This spring roll is so addictive, mixed vegetables like carrot and bean sprout wrapped in crunchy spring roll skin and served with sweet and slightly spicy chilli sauce.

There are many options for the drink, iced or hot tea and coffee for caffeine lovers. For health-conscious, you can choose fresh juice like Strawberry Juice (IDR 35.900), Dapur Seafood Punch (IDR 40.900) or Mediterania Punch (IDR 35.900)

Dapur Seafood Tahu Kipas

Dapur Seafood Pizza

Pasta & Pizza

If you love pasta like me, probably not easy to choose what you want to order. All the pasta choices sound delicious. They have classic pasta dishes such as Aglio Olio (IDR 60.900) and Beef Bacon Carbonara (IDR 68.900). Fusion seafood pasta like Prawn Salted Egg Yolk (IDR 98.900) or Gulai Fish (IDR 88.900). For the pasta, you choose between spaghetti or fettuccine.

Beside pasta Dapur Seafood also offering pizza dishes for visitors who want simple and casual food. Pizza served here is a thin crust pizza with choices topping of Marinara Pizza (IDR 98.900), Americana Pizza (IDR 92.900), and Anchor Pizza (IDR 98.900).

Dapur Seafood Pizza

Dapur Seafood Giant Crab

Dapur Seafood Giant Crab

Dapur Seafood’s special menu is none other than the Super King Crab Male. This giant crab is weighing about 900 grams until 1 kg each, and it priced at IDR 64.900/ ounce. If you ordering this giant crab, you can choose which crabs you want from the aquarium in front of the restaurant. The crab then weighing and cooked with the sauce of your choice.

There are several choices of sauces such as black pepper sauce, golden salted egg yolk sauce, and Singapore chilli sauce. I tried their giant crab in Singapore chilli sauce and I can tell the crab was so fresh. The flesh of crab was juicy and sweet, and it more delicious if you dipped the crab and fried wonton in a sweet and spicy sauce.

Dapur Seafood Giant Crab

Seafood Platter

Seafood Platter & Other Menu

Beside giant crab, there is another menu which is also unique and special. Seafood Platter, priced at IDR 800.000 this menu is consist of nassarius snails, male crab, golden sand deep fried cod fish, calamari, salted egg yolk shrimp, hard clam and water spinach.

You may think this menu is pricey, but wait until you see the enormous portion of this mix seafood platter. Although its name is seafood platter, this seafood platter is served in a big bamboo tray instead plate.

Seafood Platter

Dapur Seafood Restaurant Pluit

If the portions of seafood platter are too big for you there are still many other foods that you choose from the menu. If you like squid you can try Calamary (IDR 65.900)  Rica-Rica Makassar Grilled Squid (IDR 65.900).

For fish lovers, the choices of live fish quite vary. You can choose from Golden Trevally Fish (IDR 28.900/ ounce), Medium or Large Goramy (IDR 108.900- 148.900), or Minang Fish Head Gulai (IDR 210.900).

Dapur Seafood Restaurant Pluit

Dapur Seafood Fried Calamary

So the conclusion is Dapur Seafood is a place that recommends visiting. The serves good quality food with a beautiful view of the seaside, there is no reason not to visit this place. If read my blog post about Dapur Seafood isn’t enough, you can watch my video here.Dapur Seafood Restaurant Pluit
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Dapur Seafood

Jl. Pantai Mutiara Blok TG no.27, Pluit
Jakarta Utara
DKI Jakarta 14450
Social Media : IG @dapurseafood

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