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Fine Indonesian Cuisine at Aromanis Restaurant

Aromanis Restaurant

A new Indonesian restaurant focused on Javanese food just opened in Menteng area. Located just a stones’ throw away from Gondangdia railway station make Aromanis restaurant easy to find.

Sometimes ago me and some Jakarta foodies visited Aromanis restaurant. As I walked into the restaurant, I can see that the decor is simple and clean with wood and concrete wall element, creating a vibe that modern and fresher than traditional Indonesian restaurant.

Aromanis Restaurant

Aromanis Restaurant Menu

Aromanis Restaurant

Tahu Pletok (IDR 25K) & Tahu Petis Semarang (IDR 25K)

Aromanis Restaurant

Tahu Telor (IDR 35K) & Tong-Tong Brong (IDR 25K)

Appetiser Menu

Turning to the menu we began our feast with tofu galore. The first tofu dishes that I tried was a plate of Tahu Telur (IDR 35K). A share portion of tahu (tofu) and egg fried crisply to the perfection, evidenced by the crisp exterior with moist and soft interior. The best part of this tahu telur is their sauce, it has a perfect balance between sweet and spicy.

Next up we shared a plate of Tahu Petis Semarang (IDR 25K), which arrived on a plate of fried vermicelli. The four pieces of crisp and hollowed fried tofu smeared with thick and slightly sweet petis sauce, and green bird eye chillies.

Besides tahu telur and tahu petis, there are many other dishes you can choose for an appetiser. Tahu Pletok (IDR 25K), thin crispy tofu serves with sweet and spicy sauce. Or you can choose Tong-Tong Brong (IDR 25K), a palm-sized crispy prawn fritter serves with brownish chilli sauce.

Aromanis Restaurant

Nasi Ijo Royo Royo (IDR 50K)

Aromanis Restaurant

Nasi Gudeg Pincuk (IDR 48K)

Rice Dishes

Indonesian love rice. It is normal for Indonesian to eat rice for lunch and dinner, sometimes even for breakfast. There are few rice dishes you can try at Aromanis restaurant including  Nasi Ijo Royo Royo and Nasi Gudeg Pincuk. 

Nasi Ijo Royo Royo (IDR 50K) is one of rice menu that I recommend to you to try. This green cone-shaped rice has a tantalising aroma. I guess they get their green colour and fragrant aroma from lime and pandan leaves.

Aromanis Restaurant Menteng

Gurame Sambal Kecombrang (IDR 120K)

Meat & Fish Menu

From the fish menu, my favourite was Gurame Sambal Kecombrang (IDR 120K). The gurame fish was crispy, but the star of this dish is their sambal matah. It pretty spicy but also very refreshing with a tangy hint of lime and a torch ginger.

Sate Kambing (IDR 70K) and Iga Sambal Mercon (IDR 98K)



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