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Nitro Coffee with Music at Bear & Co

Nitro Coffee Jakarta

What comes after cold brew coffee? Apparently nitro coffee is the latest trend in the coffee industry. For those of you who are unfamiliar might be wondering what is nitro coffee? Nitro or nitro coffee is basically a cold brew coffee that treated with nitrogen gas to create a smoother drink with a foamy texture, like beer. 

Although the third wave coffee shop increased significantly, it still pretty hard to find nitro all across the country. But luckily there are few artisan coffee shops that serve nitro in Jakarta, one of them is Bear & Co.

Bear & Co Nitro Coffee

Located in Jalan Veteran 1 -just a few blocks from Ragusa ice cream- this small coffee shop is specialised in carbonated cold brew coffee. When I enter the room I can see the menu written on the glass wall behind the counter. In front of a glass wall, there was a 3 double-tap chrome lineup in a counter. Each tap connected to the keg that containing different beverages. One tap for Grizzly (cold brew coffee), one for tea and the other one for Alchemy.

Alchemy (IDR 50K)

There were not many choices for the food they only have some rice dishes, French fries, Japanese cheesecake and brownies. But their drink choices is absolutely interesting, from coffee to tea all their drinks have the unique names.

Alchemy (IDR 50K) is also cold brew coffee, but this icy brew is brewed using sound waves. The normal cold brew coffee stirred for their agitation process, while alchemy uses the sound frequency to break up the component of the coffee. This method produces the lighter coffee drink.



Grizzly (Rp 35,000) is a normal cold brew with the addition of nitrogen. The colour of Grizzly is slightly darker than Alchemy and it also tastes stronger. For the avid coffee drinker, a glass of Grizzly is a perfect choice. If you still hesitate what to order just tell the barista, they will happily give a sample of Grizzly and Alchemy in a glass shot.

For ice latte lover you can order California Brown Bear (Rp 38,000). It’s a cold brew coffee with milk and vanilla syrup.

Beside coffee they also have tea


Overall Bear & Co is worth to visit. They serve delicious and unique coffee and decent food, the price also reasonable.



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