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No-Bake Pineapple Mint Cheesecake

There’s a day when the blistering temperature of June is rising and the last place you want to be is in the hot steaming kitchen. That’s when this no-bake pineapple cheesecake comes to the rescue!

I also add lemon juice and popping candy to the cheesecake filling. Lemon juice makes the cheesecake lighter and fresh, while the popping candy adds an element of fun.

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No-Bake Pineapple Mint Cheesecake



  • 125g digestive biscuits
  • 2 teaspoons granulated sugar
  • 75g unsalted butter


  • 300g cream cheese
  • 50g icing sugar
  • 1/4 cup condensed milk
  • 1 tablespoon lemon juice
  • 200g heavy cream
  • 1 package pineapple popping candy


  • 1 pineapple
  • a handful of fresh mint leaves
  • 2 tablespoons granulated sugar


  1. Put the biscuits in the resealable plastic bag, and crush them with a rolling pin until beginning to turn to crumbs.
  2. Pour crumbs and sugar into a bowl. Add butter, and stir until well combined.
  3. Press the crumbs mixture into a 20cm springform pan. Chill crust in the freezer for at least 15 minutes.
  4. Meanwhile, make the filling: Combine the cream cheese, icing sugar, and condensed milk in a bowl. Beat until the cream cheese is smooth, scraping the sides of the bowl as needed. Stir in lemon juice.
  5. Pour heavy cream into a separate medium-sized chilled bowl. Whisk on high speed until stiff peaks are achieved. Fold whipped cream into cream cheese mixture until smooth and well-combined.
  6. Pour the filling into the crust; smooth the top with a rubber spatula. Cover with plastic wrap, and refrigerate until firm, at least 4 hours.
  7. Combine sugar and mint in mortar and pestle. Crush the sugar and mint together until the sugar changes color and smell. Sprinkle the sugar over pineapple, mix until well combined.
  8. Serve the cheesecake with pineapple mint sugar.

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