OldTown White Coffee De Entrance Arkadia

OldTown White Coffee De Entrance Arkadia

Inevitably, coffee has become an important part that cannot be separated from my life and maybe other millennials. A dose of caffeine in the morning has become a necessity, my day wouldn’t be complete without a cup of hot cappuccino or espresso. 

I’m not sure when drinking coffee and hanging out in the coffee shop become a tradition for young urbanites. But long before the trendy coffee shops sprang up in the city, we have known warung kopi and kopi tiam. 

OldTown White Coffee De Entrance Arkadia

Spicy Chicken Rendang

Basically, both warung kopi and kopi tiam are a traditional coffee shop, but the term of kopi tiam usually referred to Malaysian Chinese coffee shops. 

OldTown White Coffee is the largest halal-certified coffee shop chain from Malaysian that has been exploring the coffee market in Indonesia for quite sometimes. Established in Ipoh, Malaysia OldTown White coffee serve a variety of Malaysian delicacies such as kaya toast, nasi lemak, noodle dishes, and famous Ipoh white coffee.

OldTown White Coffee De Entrance Arkadia

OldTown White Coffee has welcomed his newest outlet at De Entrance Arkadia but not as you know it. This newest outlet comes in the form of a modern coffee shop & restaurant concept. 

Just had their Grand Opening last Tuesday OldTown White Coffee at De Entrance Arkadia offers different menu and atmosphere than their other outlets. 

Located in the first floor of De Entrance Arkadia this coffee shop comes with minimalist and modern design.  OldTown White Coffee Café is dominated by white in its interior with a touch of wood nuance. While murals and black and white photos that adorn both sides of the room give the feel of a Peranakan coffee shop. 

OldTown White Coffee Café menu is varied from the legendary Original White Coffee, Malaysian Cuisine, Indonesian favorites, and Western Delight. This time the choices of western menu increasingly complemented with salad, soup to a wide selection of sandwiches and pasta.

The most interesting from their menu is the wholemeal sandwich series. You can find breakfast sandwiches such as Egg Mayo & Cheese (IDR 35K) or Gourmet Platter Sandwich like Avocado Prawn (IDR 55K). 

From their Western Series, you can try Black Pepper Chicken (IDR 55K). A whole leg of chicken grilled to perfection then topped black pepper sauce and button mushroom. Served with velvety mashed potatoes and garden salad. 

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