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Simple Pleasure at Tamoya Udon Fatmawati

Tamoya Udon Fatmawati

Nothing relieves a weary soul more than a good bowl of soupy noodles.

Imagine a bowl of thick and chewy noodles combined with delicious hot broth during a cold rainy day, it will banish the melancholy and cure your weary soul. But the good thing about udon is that it doesn’t have to be a rainy day for you to enjoy it. You can enjoy it anytime, cold with a dipping sauce or with hot broth and other toppings.

Tamoya Udon Fatmawati

Tamoya Udon Fatmawati

Hailing from the Kagawa prefecture, Tamoya is the brainchild of Sanuki’s Udon champion Tamotsu Kurokawa. After opening his first restaurant in Japan, it didn’t take a long time for him to spread his udon all over the country.

The characteristics of Sanuki udon are that it is full-bodied and yet soft that could easily captivate the Indonesian market. Not only the udon menu, their side dishes which are focused on rice and tempura dishes have garnered many fans.

Sanuki “Home of Udon”

According to multiple sources, Sanuki udon is the most famous udon variety in Japan. Their noodle is firm and chewy with square shapes and flat edges.

Although the ingredients for udon in Tamoya are quite simple – according to their website they use 3 types of flour, salt and water- the process of making their udon is quite complex as they need to give the right amount of pressure to get the unique texture of Sanuki udon.

As a franchise restaurant, Tamoya Indonesia concentrates on providing Jakartans with the same quality of food as its original outlet in Japan. Consequently, all of the dishes are produced under the helm of chef Hugo Adrian, who has worked in several well-known Japanese restaurants in Indonesia and overseas.

My Experiences at Tamoya Udon Fatmawati

In Tamoya Jakarta you can choose between the white udon (original) or black udon (charcoal udon). The addition of charcoal makes the udon look more appealing and totally Instagram-worthy.

Although the menu focuses on udon, it wasn’t easy to choose what I wanted to eat. They have a vast variety of udon toppings and each one of them looked delicious.

I wondered for a moment …what should I choose? A simple udon like Kake Udon or Sanuki Udon looks good, but a thinly sliced beef over a bowl of hot udon look so tempting.

Finally, after a moment of contemplation, I ordered a bowl of Sanuki Beef Udon (IDR 62,000). The hot soup is made from dried anchovies combined with firm and chewy noodles, and topped with thinly sliced beef, “such a soul satisfying treat”.

As for the side dish, I chose Egg Omega/ Egg Tempura (IDR 12,500). The vibrant yolk of soft-boiled-egg tempura oozes out as I cut it open. Because the tempura egg tasted bland I recommend eating it with the udon broth.

Tamoya Udon Fatmawati New Menu

Looking for a good place to chill and hang out with friends after work, perhaps over beer and yakitori? This September Tamoya Indonesia just launched their new menus like Fried Gyoza, Tsukune and Beef Curry Udon.

Fried Gyoza (IDR 11,000) crunchy little morsel served with addictively dipping sauce. The crunchy fried gyoza packed with a mixture of chicken and vegetables, and the dipping sauce has a great flavour with a nice balance of tangy rice vinegar and a kick of chilli. Each skewer consists of three pieces of gyoza, the perfect companion for a glass of cold drink.

Tsukune (IDR 12,500), or skewered Japanese chicken meatballs. The chicken meatballs have a slightly crunchy texture from the addition of chopped chicken cartilage. The flavour is subtle with a hint of smoky caramel and it gives a nice sweet zing to counteract the fat.

Beef Curry Udon (IDR 60,000). Whether you choose white or charcoal udon noodles, they give a nice contrast to the mellow brown colour of curry. No need a spoon to eat this beef curry udon. Just grab your chopsticks and slurp the chewy udon noodles alongside with the warm thick curry.

In the end, Tamoya is a good place and is serving great food, whether you are looking for a bowl of comforting udon soup or just want to slake your thirst after work.

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