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Cooking Class at Gyoza Bar Jakarta

Cooking Class at Gyoza Bar


It’s not a typical Saturday… I remember Jakarta is still quiet that day. Sunlight kisses my eyelids, trying to convince me that this is the right time for me to wake up. It so hard for me to climb up the bed because I’m still in Ramadan mood. I’m about to close my eyes again when I remember I have an appointment for cooking class at Gyoza Bar.  Continue Reading

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Enjoying the Weekend with Giant Crab at Dapur Seafood

Living in a country that comprising over 17.000 islands and known as the largest archipelago country in the world, you must be thinking that I enjoy delicious seafood every day. Unfortunately get fresh seafood in Jakarta is not as easy as you think. 

Luckily for the residents of Nort Jakarta, especially for those who living in and around Pantai Mutiara. Dapur seafood, a restaurant that specialises in seafood dishes just opened in Pantai Mutiara. Continue Reading


Puff Pastry Corn Soup

Puff Pastry Corn Soup

I was so happy when I found an abundant sweet corn in the traditional market this morning. I decided to make corn and chicken soup.This rich, creamy but not sinful corn soup then topped with puff pastry. The puff pastry on top is such a simple idea but so magical, it’s an effortless way to dress up the corn soup. The flaky puff pastry becomes a blanket for the creamy and flavorful corn soup. Continue Reading

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Caribou Coffee : A Place We Love

Caribou Coffee

Jakarta is a busy and crowded metropolitan city. Many people started its activities early in the morning, it is no wonder more and more coffee shops popping up in town, either a local coffee shop or international coffee shop chain. Caribou Coffee is one of the coffeehouse chains from America who was currently exploring the coffee market in Indonesia. Continue Reading

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Tapioca Balls with Tteobokki Sauce

Tapioca Balls with Tteobokki Sauce

Yesterday me and my mother went to the market. It’s 6 in the morning when we went out, the streets don’t look as busy as usual. After 10 minutes of walking, we turn right in front of the district office. From the south-east a breeze gusted, the tree branches swayed by the wind. The dry leaves and twigs fell to the ground. From the distance two young boys could be seen riding a bike, the younger boy struggling to keep the balance while the older boy trying to lead. Continue Reading